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IEEE802.11bgn High Power In-wall Access Point W/ IEEE802.3af POE Built-in, RJ-11 Pass-Through
94V0 Flameless Proof Rated (Can be AP Managed by WMS-308N) 

PheeNet WAP-3150NP IEEE802.11bgn 800mW High Power In-wall Wireless AP with 10/100 IEEE802.3af POE, 10/100 Front LAN port, and RJ11 Pass-Through is designed to fit into a wall, and bring the benefits of both a RJ-45 wired connection as well as WiFi wireless connection.
The WAP-3150NP can be installed and configured easily into any new wireless network or integrated within an existing wired network resulting in a more flexible and cost-effective wireless deployment. And, a network administrator can centrally manage the WAP-3150NP via a Web browser or an SNMP MIB browser or PheeNet’s Network Access Gateway / Controller WMS-308N. With built-in IEEE802.3af POE Ethernet port, power and data are supplied to the unit using CAT5 Ethernet cable from Central IEEE802.3af POE Switch.
While integrating with Network Access Gateway / Controller WMS-308N, PheeNet WAP-3150NP is a best IEEE802.11bgn Indoor Inwall Wireless AP for Public Wifi User Service Management in the Hotel, Hostel, Hospital, etc places.
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General Features
• A compact AP fits for any size of Ethernet wall jack
•Supports standard IEEE802.3af POE
•Use existing Ethernet cabling system, no re-wiring
•Invisible and could blend with all interior decoration
Wireless Features
•IEEE802.11h Transmission Power Control
•Channel Selection: Manual or Auto
•No of BSSID (VAP): 8
•No. of max WDS setting: 4
•Preamble setting : Short/Long
•Setting for transmission speed
•Dynamic wireless re-transmission
•IAPP : to facilitable faster roaming for the stations among different APs nearby
•802.11n protection : to let the transmission rate of associated 802.11g and 802.11b not to be affected with surrounding existence of 802.11b stations
•Transmit Power Control: 7 Level

System Administration
•Web-based management UI
•Remote firmware upgrade by Web GUI
•Console management
•Backup and restore the system configuration
•Support SNMP v2c, v3, MIBII
•SNMP Traps to a list of IP number
•Support Telnet, SSH, Command Line Interface (CLI)
•Remote Link Test –Display connect statistics

Central AP management supported while working with WMS-308N:
• Auto discovery for managed APs
• AP-Automatic configuration and provisioning
• AP Profile Management
• AP Batch Setup (IP address, Wireless Security, VAP, System Info / Password / Management Method, Time Server, Channel / Output Power / Band / Country Code, Firmware update by
TFTP or URL, etc.)
• AP Group Setup (Dynamic Channel Allocation, Maximum Client Control, MAC Filter Control,
• AP Group Status (IP address, FW version, Online user, RSSI, TX/RX bandwidth, Device


Standard IEEE802.11n
IEEE 802.11g
IEEE 802.11b
Frequency Band 2.412 ~ 2.462GHz (USA)
2.412 ~ 2.484GHz (Japan)
2.412 ~ 2.472 GHz (Europe ETSI)
2.457 ~ 2.462 GHz (Spain)
2.457 ~ 2.472 GHz (France)
Modulation IEEE802.11b:DSSS (DBPK,DQPSK,CCK)
IEEE 802.11n:(OFDM(64-QAM, 16-QAM, QPSK, BPSK)
Security WEP (64/128/152 Bit)
WPA2(PSK(AES+TKIP) / (802.1x , RADIUS)
802.1x (64/128 Bit)
User Isolation
Hidden SSID
MAC Address Filtering (MAC ACL)
IEEE802.11 mixed mode support open and shared key authentication
VLAN assignment on BSSID
VLAN assign to Front LAN
VLAN pass through to Front LAN
Network Integrity
Client to Client Isolation
AP to AP Isolation